RackTime Stand-It Bicycle Rack 28


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Our all-rounder. Lightweight, strong and simple. To the office in the morning, shopping in the evening, a picnic trip on the weekend. Carries up to 30 kg, Compatible with snap-it Adapter system.

About Racktime

Racktime carriers with Snap-it system are by now the standard for system carriers. The world`s leading bicycle manufacturers are all supplied by Racktime.

Racktime is a brand of Tubus GmbH of Germany. Tubus GmbH was founded in 1988 and is by now - with the brands Tubus & Racktime –the international market leader for high-strength carrier systems. The company Tubus is located in Münster, Westphalia in Germany and has been developing and producing bike carriers since 1988.

Tubus is known as the world leader for development and production of high-quality bike carrier systems. Tubus carriers have a high reputation of being extremely durable and lightweight, and provide excellent detail solutions. Tubus carriers are made of high-strength special steels. Carriers made of this material are nearly indestructible – if correctly constructed and professionally produced. Tubus carriers are the ideal choice for medium and heavy weight travel luggage. Bike travelers, who spend a lot of time on their bicycles, trust in the Tubus brand.

Racktime system carriers are exclusively made of aluminium. Racktime solutions consists of the application of so-called extrusion-profiles, as aluminium is predestined for this method. Racktime developed extremely precise contour-specified profiles that are integrated into the carrier, and permit mounting Racktime accessory components. This allows easy and elegant mounting of various Racktime accessories such as shopping baskets and bags.

When the carrier is used by itself without any accessory, it looks clean and subtle. The distinctive but simple design of Racktime system carriers follows the functional demands for a product suitable for everyday use. All Racktime carriers are tested for strength according to DIN EN79100-2.