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Mizuna is the best know of the brassica salad greens. It has extremely rapid growth with juicy, mild flavoured leaves, especially when young. It is best cut as a salad vegetable after reaching a height of 25cm above ground level.

For specific instructions and information regarding each variety, visit Rangeview Seeds.

Making a difference

  • Supporting local businesses reduces carbon miles
  • Growing your own veggies is a great sustainable practice!


  • Comes in a paper envolope with a differing amount of seeds depending on the variety
  • Gardening instructions are printed onto each seed packet


Rangeview seeds is a Tasmanian company run by one man with help from his family and friends. They specialise in developing seeds for practical purposes and are passionate about sustainability. Rangeview hopes they can help you on your garden journey so that you can be self-sufficient in growing your own foods and medicine!