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Sapim Spokes by Model


We have run out of stock for this item.

Glowworm bicycles:

Custom length spokes from Sapim (Belgium). We cut and thread spokes to order in any length you require.*

Threading is rolled / cold forged on the spoke so no material is removed - this is the strongest way to make spoke threads.

Select spoke type from the drop down menu and type in the length you need. After clicking 'add to cart' you'll be able to enter the quantity you need.

*All spokes can be cut as short as 45mm and most as long as 310mm. In the photos above, an example of how a 100mm spoke is measured is shown.

We stock the following in black and silver finish w/ matching durable brass nipples:

14 straight gauge (2.0mm)

13/14 gauge butted (2.3/2.0mm)

13 straight gauge (2.3mm)

12 straight gauge (2.6mm) Silver only

11/12 gauge butted (2.9/2.6mm) Holmes Moped (limited supply)

Spokes listed are in stock and ready to be cut to any length you require, most can be cut as short as 45mm! All spokes have 9mm of thread. All spokes come with durable brass nipples.