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Seed & Sprout Hemp Fibre Crunch Case


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The original Seed & Sprout CrunchCase! A lunch bag that sports a minimal, sleek design, allowing it to easily fit in a school bag or work backpack. Made out of hemp, which is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics currently available. It is very naturally resistant to pests and requires very little water to grow, it also looks and feels beautiful. The bag also comes with an internal pocket to hold your cutlery or utensils. With its sylish, minimal design, we're sure it would be a great addition to your school or work lunch routine.

Making a Difference

  • Made from hemp
  • Shipped using recyclable and compostable packaging
  • Designed in Australia by Seed & Sprout, founded in Byron Bay
  • Made by partnering with suppliers that provide ethical treatment to their employees and the environment
  • Seed & Sprout's headquarters and warehouse is 100% emmissions free, and powered by solar
  • 10% of Seed & Sprout's profits are donated to International Animal Rescue Indonesia


  • Fits the Seed & Sprout Crunchbox perfectly, but can also be used with various other lunchboxes
  • Features a separate internal mesh compartment for cutlery
  • Insulated to keep food fresh and cool
  • Lovely dark green colour is easy to keep clean
  • Can be wiped clean with a damp cloth

 Dimensions: Length: 23 cm, Width: 27 cm, Depth: 4 cm



In 2016, Byron Bay mum Sophie found that there were little to no environmentally friendly, yet practical school lunch supplies for her child Archie (who was more particular about his lunches than she first realised!) This started Sophie on a journey of designing and creating a lunch box to meet the needs of her child, and the needs of the planet. Now Sophie and Seed & Sprout are commited to help every individual on their waste reduction journey, with the goal of not only doing less harm, but doing more good.