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Solar Bike Complete Conversion Kit


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This kit contains everything you could need, and some extras, to convert a regular adult bike into an electric bike. It has a hiqh quality 11Ah lithium ion battery using Panasonic cells that have been extensively tested. The battery comes in a custom double layered rack. It is very easy to lock and remove from the bicycle and can be charged either on the bicycle or off the bicycle. The hub motors that come with this kit have high torque and are able to withstand rough treatment for years. This is a highly recommended kit if you have a step through bicycle or if you prefer the battery to be mounted on a rear rack. You need a strong set of forks to safely install the higher power kits on your bicycle. Ensure you install a torque bar. Steel forks are good and Chro-moly the best choice. Don't install it on carbon fibre forks. Delivery is by road courier due to air transport regulations against lithium ion batteries and takes approximately 5-7 days. Approximate ranges and speeds of this kit with light pedalling are:

200W: 42 km range, 28km/hr top speed (legal on Tasmanian roads)

350W: 34 km range, 32 km/hr top speed (private roads only)

500W: 28 km range, 35 km/hr top speed (private roads only)