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Sustomi Silicone Baking Mats (2 Pack)


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Are you ready to say goodbye to baking paper for good? The silicone baking sheet 2pk is a reusable alternative from Sustomi which is non-stick and a perfect size for lining a baking tray. These 2pk silicone baking sheets allow you the flexibility to be used as a liner in a cake tin. Banana bread anyone?


  • Includes 2 x silicone baking sheets in charcoal black - 30 x 40cm
  • Made from pure platinum silicone 
  • Made in China, packaged in Australia
  • Care Instructions: Step 1: Place your silicone baking sheet on a baking tray and load your chips, veggies or baked goods. Use it in the oven or freezer from 0C to 230C. Step 2: Am I dirty? Since it's stain and odour proof, simply place your baking sheet in the dishwasher to clean, or hand wash with hot, soapy water.