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Urban Composter Bucket


The Urban Composter is the perfect addition to any kitchen counter top. It allows you to compost your food waste easily, without the mess or smell. The bucket is an anaerobic composting system that uses microorganisms to ferment food scraps so they can quickly break down when buried into soil. Simply, add a few sprays of Compost Accelerator each time new food scraps are added. The compost Accelerator spray was designed as an alternative to using bags of dry mix to supplement the necessary natural microorganisms for fermentation. The 'juice' from the Urban Composter should be drained every few days to avoid strong odours. Once the bucket is full and the juice has been drained, the resulting condensed waste can be buried and used as a rich & nutritious soil conditioner.

Dimensions: Diameter: 29cm, Length: 40 cm, Volume: 15 litres.

Urban Composter is a small family-owned business, based in Melbourne. Composting your food waste prevents it from clogging up landfill and greatly reduces your carbon footprint. In addition to being a fantastic fertiliser, the composter 'juice' can also be used in toilets/drains/septic tanks as a drain cleaner.