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Vegepod Vegecover (Including Frame)



Please Note: If you are unsure whether you are in the Hobart region message us. If you are outside a 100 km radius of Hobart city we may have to cancel and refund your order. 

The vegecover consists of the steel structure poles, irrigation pipe, hinge clips, mesh and joins. It stands approx. 0.75m over a vegepod and can be easily lifted to access your plants. 

(Vegepods come with covers, however the covers are here sold separately.)

The vegepod covers are insulating and construct a micro-climate that extends the growing season. The covers are made from woven tubes that insulate while allowing air and water to penetrate to the soil. The system creates the ideal conditions for rapid plant growth and crops grow up to twice as fast as in-ground crops. A standard hose can be fitted to the cover to evenly irrigate crops. The cover can easily be opened to fully expose the crop beneath and hinges can be attached to any side, for most convenient access. The cover protects against heavy rain, winds, hail, frosts, and extreme head. It also stops possums, bandicoots, rats, wallabies, rabbit, and other wildlife; the cover also shield against butterfiles and mosts so crops are grub-free!