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Viva La Body Deodorant Stick 65 g


All natural magnesium enriched stick deodorant in a handy push up tube neutralises odour & absorbs wetness in a flash. Fab for sensitive skin the Viva La Body under arm calm blend of essential oils glides on with a smooth powdery finish without damaging the balance of your natural microbiome.

Making a difference

  • Made in Australia
  • Fully Compostable Packaging 
  • Zero Waste
  • Made in Australia 
  • All Natural 
  • No Palm Oil 


  • No Bi-Carb (bicarbonate in deoderants can be harsh on sensitive skin and cause irritation)
  • Suitable for sensitive skin 


Viva La Body is Australia's first true zero waste (which means no tins, no glass jars or bottles - all packaging can be composted when finished) sustainable beauty brand. Revolutionary solid body products that do not need a bottle or jar to work effectively! Viva La Body (established in 1999) is husband and wife team Micko and Jo, based in Darwin, Australia. Viva La Body products are totally handmade.