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Viva La Body Shampoo Bar 85 g


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Solid Shampoo is a similar product to the liquid shampoo you may traditionally use however in a solid form. Being plant based the Viva La Body shampoo bar formulation is much gentler and contains far less harsher ingredients. It's silicone free, certified palm oil free, certified cruelty free and vegan. Each bar is super economical and highly eco-friendly, biodegradable and totally plastic free with compostable packaging (yes just throw out the box with your veggie scraps!). Solid Shampoo bars will last as long as three regular bottles of shampoo – up to 80 washes.

Making a difference

  • Made in Australia
  • Fully compostable packaging 
  • Zero Waste
  • Made in Australia 
  • All natural 
  • No palm oil 
  • Certified cruelty free 
  • Handmade


  • High quality plant oils 
  • Silicone free 
  • Extremely economical, and your bar will last longer if left to dry between uses 
  • Variety of types to suit different hair types 


Viva La Body is Australia's first true zero waste (which means no tins, no glass jars or bottles - all packaging can be composted when finished) sustainable beauty brand. Revolutionary solid body products that do not need a bottle or jar to work effectively! Viva La Body (established in 1999) is husband and wife team Micko and Jo, based in Darwin, Australia. Viva La Body products are totally handmade.