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Yeseco Kitchen Essential Kit


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Cleaning up has never looked so good with Yesco’s beautifully designed eco and 100% biodegradable kitchen essentials kit. The kitchen essentials kit was designed to provide eco and compostable replacements for common items found around the kitchen. 

The convenient, 100% biodegradable Yesēco Kitchen Essentials Kit includes

1 x Bamboo bench organiser

1 x Bamboo and sisal fibre dish brush

2 x Bamboo dish head replacements

1 x Broomcorn scouring brush

3 x Woodpulp expanding sponges

1 x Hemp and organic cotton tea towel



Making a difference

Made from 100% natural materials

Plastic free

Australian company

Ethically sourced products

recyclable packaging

Hemp fabric is manufactured with zero use of pesticides and  1/3 less water usage compared to other textiles. 



100% natural with no varnish on materials

Biodegradable and compostable materials

100% natural bamboo and soft sisal fibre brushes

Strong and durable

Handy ‘all in one’ kit


About Yesēco

Jamie Phillips founded Yesēco with the desire to provide creative solutions to reduce the number of everyday plastic items found in the home. During years of traveling. Jamie felt a strong unease about the masses of plastic littering incredible coastlines around the world. On returning back, he realised that a big part of the problem was the lack of eco alternatives to everyday products — and Yesēco was born.