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Teros believes electric bicycles or e-bikes can help more people to cycle instead of driving a car weighing over a tonne. This is not only healthier and cheaper, it is also the greenest way to travel.

If you'd like a healthy and fun way to travel, but are daunted by hills, long distances or headwinds, a good quality e-bike from Teros can make all the difference.

Teros has Tasmania's largest range of quality e-bikes to suit every kind of riding. Tell us what's important for you — performance, durability or portability — and we'll recommend a bike that best meets your needs and organise a test ride.

You'll find our ebikes tame hills without sweat, are kind to our climate and put a smile on your face.


23 results
eBig.Seven 500
Dyson Thredbo Fat Bike
From $2,499.00
Kalkhoff Sahel 3.I Move
From $3,699.00
Velectrix Urban 2
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Teros is your shop for a way of living that is greener, healthier and happier.

We offer carefully selected eco-friendly and fair trade products and run classes for a greener, healthier lifestyle.

We pride ourselves on quality customer service built on experience, knowledge and trust. 


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