Planet Finska Travel Chinese Checkers


Travel games from Planet Finska are beautifully crafted in a hardwood box, and encourage social fun while travelling. The classic game of Chinese checkers was not invented in China! Rather, it originated in Germany in 1892 as a version of the American game 'Halma' played on a star-shaped board. The six-pointed star allows for two, three or six player. Each player must jump ten pegs from their starting point to the opposite side, racing their opponent on the opposite side of the board. 

This beautiful wooden board folds in half and the board has recesses for storing pegs.

Dimensions: 2.45cm x 2.45cm x 2.5cm.

Planet Finska are an Australian company specialising in the manufacture of traditional games from environmentally repsponsible hardwood. They believe in wholesome games that exercise mind and body, and create memorable experiences.