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Beauty & the Bees Apple Silk Clarifying Rinse Concentrate 40 g


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Commercial conditioners contain silicone plasticisers to make your hair shiny, but it also strips your hair of its natural oils and can cause irritation to your scalp.

The Apple Silk Clarifying Rinse will make your hair soft and shiny, while it is  safe for you and the environment. It’s made from the extracts of lemons and  apples and saves on wastage that liquid conditioners bring.

Naturally good for you:

  • Lemons and apples are high in antioxidants and are antibacterial, which  protect and nourish your skin and scalp
  • Horsetail herbal extract contains an essential mineral for hair growth and strength
  • Herbal extracts of nettle and calendula soothe the scalp

Work that Magic:      

  • Heat 2 Litres of water until warm. Pour 1/4 teaspoon of Apple Silk Clarifying Rinse
  • Gently pour over head and work through hair and scalp
  • Rinse out with warm water

Ingredients: Citric Acid, Malic acid (apples), cornstarch, silk, nettle, horsetail, calendula herb extracts