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Beldi Recycled Wine Glass 350 ml


Skilled artisans working in Morocco's last hand-blown glass factory carefully craft these unique recycled wine glasses. Each item has its own unique characteristics such as bubbles, dents and marks as a result of the glassblowing process. This is a normal part of the creation process and adds character to each piece.  Use Beldi glasses for wine, water, tea, coffee or to serve sweet or savoury dishes.

Please note: Due to the delicate nature of the glass, we do not ship this item outside of Tasmania

Making a difference:

  • Beldi glasses are made using recycled glass, with the green Beldi products using old beer and wine bottles
  • Supports skilled Moroccan tradespeople in an old tradition of glassblowing


  • Can be washed in a dishwasher on a delecate, or glassware, setting
  • Because each glass is blown by hand, they are all slightly different, making every one a unique piece
  • Beldi glasses are created using traditional glass blowing methods, meaning each piece is blown by mouth!


Beldi is the arabic word for “traditional” or “native”. The glasses were produced for the first time in 1946 in the town of Casablanca in Morocco, Northwest Africa. Since then, the Beldi glass has been the preferred glass for the daily mint tea among the locals. These glasses are created from 100% recycled glass found in the local area, and each one captures a unique piece of culture, history, and talant.