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Body of Nature Deodorant 50 g


Body of Nature Deodorant is proudly made in Tasmania from natural and vegan ingredients.  This natural alternative comes in a range of mild scents in a creamy coconut and cacao base. It has two odour eliminating functions. Firstly it is designed to neutralise body odour and secondly, it is formulated to trap odour molecules. It has a lower percentage of bicarbonate of soda compared to some of brands of natural deodorant so those who are normally sensitive should to be able to use this product. Each deodorant stick is packed in a cardboard push up container which is 98% plastic free (it has a thin outer layer of plastic for durability, which can be peeld off when recycling or composting the cardboard) and lined with natural plant wax.

Dimensions: Volume: 50 g, Diameter: 3.5 cm, Height: 10 cm

Making a Difference

  • Made locally in Tasmania
  • Palm-free
  • Vegan
  • Supports Wombat Rescue Tasmania


  • Organic and natural anti-odourant
  • Made from a base of cremay coconut and cacao
  • Low content of bicarbonate of soda


Body of Nature is committed to reducing the amount of plastic in our environment. They believe that animal products should not be used in body products due to environmental impacts and unethical practices. Their products are free of toxins that cause us harm and organic raw materials are used wherever possible to reduce chemicals in our soils and waterways.