DeWit Shark Tine Spade with Steps 750 mm Handle (83080)


The Shark Tine Spade is a 4 tine tine solid shovel great for gardening and landscaping in hard soil, cutting through roots and any other tough digging in the garden.  The spade’s zigzag ‘teeth’ - bevelled for extra sharpness - give it an extended cutting edge that slices through soil and tough roots. With less effort needed to push the spade into the ground, digging is both easier and faster. Made from tough Swedish Boron steel, forged up the neck for extra strength and with a handy step to push down through harder soil & roots with your boot.  The shark can be used as a regular shovel, a spade, an edger, a planting shovel, a divider for any plants you need to remove, or for chopping up your mulch pile.  

Dimensions: Length: 112 cm, Width: 16 cm, Spade (Metal) Square Lenght: 24 cm, Weight: 2.05 kg.