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Monsieur Truffe Chocolate Bar Limited Edition 80-100 g


At Monsieur Truffe, sustainable delight awaits. They prioritize organic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging in crafting their offerings. Their inclusive ranges thoughtfully cater to vegan and gluten-free diets, ensuring exceptional quality and flavor without compromise.


Dark 58% Native Plum: Cacao mass, sugar, cacao butter, Kakadu plum, Davidson plum, Doris plum, vanilla powder

Dark 65% Rum & Raisin: Cacao mass, cacao butter, sugar, Rum soaked raisins, vanilla powder

Dark 65% Whisky: Dark Chocolate with Peruvian cacao nibs aged in St Ali x Archie Rose Blasphemy Coffee Whisky

Making a Difference

  • Embraces ethical sourcing practices, ensuring fair treatment of farmers and workers in the supply chain
  • Utilizes eco-friendly packaging materials, minimizing environmental impact
  • Supports sustainable cocoa farming, contributing to responsible agricultural practices


  • Handcrafted artisanal chocolates available in a variety of flavors and styles
  • Ingredients sourced ethically to maintain quality and support fair trade
  • Eco-conscious packaging materials used to reduce environmental footprint
  • Offers a range of chocolate options, including vegan and gluten-free selections for diverse dietary preferences


Starting as a one-person enterprise at Prahran Market in 2006, Monsieur Truffe embarked on a humble chocolate-making venture. Over the years, their growth has based them out of a factory in Brunswick. What began as a modest selection of bars expanded into a diverse bean-to-bar range sourced from global beans, meticulously roasted and conched to reveal unique tasting notes. Monsieur Truffe remains dedicated to sharing their artisanal chocolate-making ethos with the community, committed not only to crafting exceptional chocolates but also to sustainability and ethical trade. They prioritize ethical sourcing, collaborating closely with supplier partners who uphold ethical farming practices and ensure fair treatment of workers involved.