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Nanna Archie Nut Milk Straining Bag


This nut milk bag is locally made in Tasmania by Nanna Archie. It can be used to strain your own homemade plant-based milks, juices and more. It has a U-shape that makes it easy for straining and clean up. Just rinse after use, and then ocassionally deep clean with boiling water and a little baking soda to keep it fresher for longer.

Dimensions: Width: 27.5 cm, Height: 28.5 cm

Making a difference

  • Locally made
  • Reusable - make your own fresh nut milk again and again!
  • Reduces the plastic packaging waste from store-bought nut milks
  • Avoid the preservatives and sweeteners found in regular store-bought nut milk


  • Non toxic
  • Made from pure cotton fabric
  • Lightweight


Nanna Archie is a Hobartian local who is on a mission to work towards a plastic-free future. She makes all of her products herself, ranging from bread to snack bags, masks and nut milk bags!