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Rangeview Poultry Forage Pasture Mix 400 g


Grow a healthy, diverse range of pasture forage food for your free-ranging feathered family. This is a great way to give them all the nutrients they need, in a natural and stimulating way. Suitable for free-ranging, and chicken tractor chooks.

Mix includes:  Lucerne, millet, dandelion, oats, chicory, rocket, beets, vetch, mustard, clover, peas, broad beans, sunflower, brassicas and others. (mix may vary slightly at different times of the year)

Please note: This item cannot be shipped to Western Australia

Making a difference

  • Supporting local businesses reduces carbon miles
  • Providing extra nutrition through forage mixes allows you to cut down on purchasing other food. 


  • 400 g covers approx. 40 sq metres
  • Increases stimulation and encourages foraging for your feathered friends
  • Most forage seed mixes cannot be sent to Tas, so this is a great option for locals!


Rangeview seeds is a Tasmanian company run by one man with help from his family and friends. They specialise in developing seeds for practical purposes and are passionate about sustainability. Rangeview hopes they can help you on your garden journey so that you can be self-sufficient in growing your own foods and medicine!